XML Schema Refactoring

The XSR module provides a complete toolset for XML Schema management, analysis, documentation and model transformation. User metadata can drive a wide range of activities, including extracting and refactoring of schema components, template driven documentation or sample XML. When integrated with the Combinatorial Test Modeler, it can generate sample XML data from XML Schema-based test models.

XML Schema Refactoring is an XML schema management, analysis and transformation toolset for XML Schemas (XSD). It supports XSD-to-XSD transformations as well as XSD-to-Combinatorial Test Model (CTM) and XSD-to-XML Builder (MPX) transformations, when integrated with other modules.

The transformation features have been primarily designed to make the customization of industry standard XML Schemas a standalone and scalable process. The main driver is to allow new versions of schemas to be quickly adopted with minimum efforts, an important factor in maintaining the relevance and value of a standard.

Transformations are also an effective mechanism to balance the generality of a standard with the need to customize for a  particular implementation. By simplifying overly complex content models, productivity and runtime costs can be significantly improved.