Next-Generation Tools from Paschi

Next Generation Tools from Paschi

New, powerful and unique solutions to tackle challenging aspects of messaging in Enterprise Application Integration projects.

Tools for Application Integration

Tools for Application Integration

Our integrated suite helps you analyze and customize most complex standards, create test cases, emulate Web Services or IMSConnect transactions, and much more.

We buy you time to market

We buy you time to market

Our tools have been proven in large organizations to drive consistent and efficient software development processes.

We’ve released version 7.0

We’ve released version 5.0

New features include an end-user customizable and standalone static analysis model for XML Schemas and eXtensible Traceability Matrices.

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Requirements: PC, Windows 7+, Internet Connection

QTAssistant provides next-generation tools indispensable for anyone wanting an edge in the design and development of enterprise application integration solutions. We target large scale XML Schema development, analysis and refactoring and various platforms and technologies such as .NET, Java, SharePoint, Web Services, IMSConnect/COBOL copybooks and WebSphere MQ.

What's New in Version 7

  • Highly integrated toolset
  • Unparalleled features
  • Proven in the Financial Industry
  • Extraordinary customer support


QTAssistant Modules

XML Schema Refactoring

Provides a complete toolset for XML Schema management, analysis, documentation and model transformation. User metadata can drive a wide range of activities, including extracting and refactoring of schema components, template driven documentation or sample XML. When integrated with the Combinatorial Test Modeler, it can generate sample XML data from XML Schema-based test models.

XML Schema Refactoring is an XML schema management, analysis and transformation toolset for XML Schemas (XSD). It supports XSD-to-XSD transformations as well as XSD-to-Combinatorial Test Model (CTM) and XSD-to-XML Builder (MPX) transformations, when integrated with other modules.

The transformation features have been primarily designed to make the customization of industry standard XML Schemas a standalone and scalable process. The main driver is to allow new versions of schemas to be quickly adopted with minimum efforts, an important factor in maintaining the relevance and value of a standard.

Transformations are also an effective mechanism to balance the generality of a standard with the need to customize for a  particular implementation. By simplifying overly complex content models, productivity and runtime costs can be significantly improved.

CTM Features and Benefits

A visual designer and powerful combinatorial engine that can generate data for design of experiments, test cases, etc. It supports and can be extended with a wide range of algorithms, including simple permutations, variations, orthogonal and mixed level covering arrays. Powerful import/export features, decision tables for data generation (e.g. Pass/Fail, data inference), support for constrains (inclusion/exclusions), and many more, are easy to use by designers, developers and quality assurance/control analysts. 

Networking Objects (System-on-Chip)

Our solution for emulation of application services available over TCP/IP networks. It is used to provide virtualization of system integration test environments on the same development machine. The benefits: anytime/anywhere testing, robust regression test suites, high quality of deliverables, reduced cost for testing environments. Its built in collaboration features can further reduce the time and cost to set up teams of developers. A powerful scripting engine and rich automation API built on top of the Microsoft .NET Framework is capable to satisfy most challenging requirements.

XML Builder

An excellent tool to generate XML documents from an XML Schema and data sources such as Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and DB2. A simple XML mapping language, designed around familiar XPath-like syntax, provides support for most XML schema features, including xsd:choice compositors, recursive content, abstract types (xsi:type) and substitution groups.

WebSphere MQ Support Pack

A toolset designed to facilitate the development and testing of applications using IBM's WebSphere MQ product, version 5.x/6.x. Simple message reading, browsing, saving or more complex, multithreaded message workflows, are easy to do using GUI or simple scripted commands. There is no need to compile code to achieve any type of interaction with the WebSphere MQ infrastructure, including put or get, message loopbacks and capture/sniffing.

QTAssistant for IBM WebSphere MQ Support Pack is a comprehensive set of graphical tools and an SDK that enables quick and easy access to the functionality of the IBM WebSphere MQ product. 



Put Messages

  • Ability to emulate virtually any MQPUT configuration requirement, using a well designed combination of GUI commands and scripting, which makes it all effortlessly reproducible, for repetitive interactions or to assist non-technical users or less familiar with MQ.
  • Easy to implement MQ client stubbing, without a need to compile or write extensive code.

Get/Browse/Save Messages

  • A customizable Queue Browser Window provides for significant productivity improvements by allowing custom columns layout, sorting, grouping, message filtering and viewing, all based on familiar data grids.
Remove Messages
  • Allows removing of selected messages for greater control or clearing an entire queue.

Automatic MQ Message Tracking

  • Allows users to share development/testing environments without running into race conditions by allowing a running instance of QTAssistant to easily ignore messages not related to it.
  • Allows for transparent, easy capture of in-flight MQ messages.

Multithreaded Queue Monitors

  • Allows users to easily create message processing flows triggered by MQ Messages delivered to a queue. A powerful set of primitives available using the familiar JScript.NET language provides unsurpassed productivity in delivering even the most demanding development or testing tasks.
  • Multiple Queue Monitors can be concurrently set up, against the same MQ Queue, from different QTAssistant applications, running on the same computer or remotely, by simply turning on the automatic MQ Message tracking.
  • Allows for easy to setup message capture or in-flight message transformation/validation with minimal configuration changes.
  • Allows for easy to setup MQ server application mocking.

Export/Import Configuration

  • Repeatable, easy to deploy, configuration setup. New resources or team members can easily share, load/swap configurations to support multiple projects without down time required to reconfigure workstations.

Automation/Scripting Support

  • Extend and customize existing product functionality without need to compile first.
  • Users can integrate .NET API for even more productivity and reuse.


Enterprise Toolbox

A collection of tools for IT professionals engaged in delivering solutions using technologies specific to large organizations or which are Java based. The main intent is to provide our customers with the same level of experience as encountered with our other products, when in need to deal with COBOL, Java or other odd jobs. We currently provide the following: COBOL Copybook to XML, Messaging Client, Messaging Load and JAXB 1.0 Extensions Pack.

IFX Support Pack

A powerful tool for architects, analysts and developers working with version 1.x of the IFX Business Message Specification and W3C XML Schema. It is a product which extends QTAssistant for W3C XML Schema Refactoring as a standalone add-on. It comes packed with metadata extracted from the public Business Message Specification for interactive help integration, authoring guidelines, an execution model for customizations and extensibility, sample templates to generate IFX-like documentation using familiar tools like Microsoft Word, and XSD and WSDL generators.

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What is QTAssistant?

QTAssistant is the best integrated toolset for analysis, design, implementation and testing of SOA projects. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, and enterprise-class features, QTAssistant allows you to easily and rapidly create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance, and load tests.

Our Customers

Our customers are independent IT professionals, medium and large insurance and financial companies, and system integrators working with government and other organizations. Our consultant services, software solutions and tooling have been focused on Enterprise Application Integration of a wide variety of technologies and platforms.