Sales FAQ

Licensing and Deployment

Do I need to buy a separate license for the build machine?

No, a developer license may be used for this purpose.

We want to deploy mock objects on a server; Do I need to buy a separate license for the server?

In some cases we do require a separate license for server-side deployments. Contact our sales team for additional information.

When the subscription expires, will the license expire as well?

No, the license is perpetual.

Do you have an End User License Agreement?

Yes; an online copy is available here; for offline reading, we offer a PDF copy.


What are the limitations built in the evaluation version?

The only limitation is that an unlicensed module will no longer load once the trial period elapsed. Installing a valid license file will restore the functionality of the affected module(s).

How long is the trial duration?

QTAssistant's trial duration is 14-days starting when the application executes for the first time on a particular machine.

My evaluation expired and I now have a new valid license file; do I have to uninstall QTAssistant and install it again?

No, all you need to do is install the new license file.

Placing an Order

How long it takes to process my order?

We process most of our orders during the same business day. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, allow for up to two business days for your order to complete.

Do you take purchase orders?

We accept purchase orders from public organizations, government agencies and financial institutions. Please contact our sales department for additional information.

What do I get after I place an order?

Once your order is successfully completed, we will email you a personalized license file containing information consistent with your order. The application binaries are the same as the ones used for evaluation. The license file ensures that your selected options NEVER expire and can be updated according to your subscription model.


What is a subscription?

A subscription is a customer entitlement which provides unrestricted access to major updates and support of the licensed software, in exchange for a fee.