To try out QTAssistant, you can download the latest version by following the links below. All our modules are fully operational and all features are enabled during your trial period.

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Download QTAssistant 7  (requires .NET 4.6.1)

Download QTAssistant 6  (requires .NET 4.5.2)

Download QTAssistant 5  (requires .NET 4.5.2)

Download QTAssistant Extensions for Sandcastle Help File Builder 2016-9-17 (requires .NET 4.5.2​)

Download QTAssistant Extensions for Sandcastle Help File Builder 2016-4-9 (requires .NET 4.5.2​)

Download QTAssistant Extensions for Sandcastle Help File Builder 2015-10-10 (requires .NET 4.5.2​)

Download QTAssistant Extensions for Sandcastle Help File Builder 2015-7-25 (requires .NET 4.5.2​)

Download Excel Mapping 7  (requires .NET 4.6.1)


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