v4.1.46 Released

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9/26/2013 12:41:58 PM
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v4.1.46 Released

A new maintenance release for QTAssistant is available for download; it includes the following fixes and enhancements (since 4.1.43):


  • Filters don't keep settings for XML schemas without a target namespace.
  • New XTM Analysis tool.
  • XTM import of sample XML can now handle non-SOAP samples/data captures.
  • XTM import of sample XML does not correctly handle certain XML attribute scenarios.



  • Elements based on types inherited from other complex types don't show content from base types when Show Complex Content setting is set to false.
  • Diagram find nodes is not working in certain scenarios.
  • Loading an XSD from an XSR context, then closing the XSR and validating the XSD causes unexpected exception
  • Diagram find nodes is not working in certain scenarios.
  • Optional heads of substitution groups show solid border.


  • Ability to configure JAVA_HOME for QTAssistant.
  • Double click on the left/right arrow in MDI Shell to scroll when lots of tabs are opened, should not maximize/restore the layout.